First Forum

The first forum was held on Thursday, Sept. 13th, 2018. The video was a livestream captured by John Riley using Facebook live stream. I am the one 4th from the right with the light yellow shirt and black pants:

If you wish to skip straight to my replies instead of watching the whole thing, you can use the following guide:

0:08:34 or -1:23:47 – Introduction (I am running against the four who speak before me, the first being the incumbent).
0:16:55 or -1:15:26 – Question 1 = “What are your priorities.”
0:27:23 or -1:04:58 – Question 2 = “Do you Support the Poway Road Specific Plan.”
0:38:41 or -0:53:40 – Question 3 = “The budget”. I passed
0:38:00 or -0:54:21 – Question 4 = “Global Climate Change.”
0:58:39 or -0:33:42 – Question 5 = “Do you support the Appointment Process to fill City Council Seat Vacancies.”
1:04:48 or -0:27:33 – Question 6 = “Address the use of ‘Developer In-Lieu Fees” for the procurement of un-developed property.”
1:15:42 or -0:16:39 – OPEN QUESTIONS = Each Candidate can ask a question of a fellow Candidate.
1:26:06 or -0:06:15 – Closing Statement

I would love to hear your feedback, please email me, chat with me on Facebook or send me feedback through this website.