I would like to provide you with a clarification regarding my viewpoint of the City Council Seat that I am seeking in District 1. That position to me is to be of service to the City of Poway, and especially from the vantage point of the people who live in District 1.


Some people are thinking that the City Council consists of “Officials”; I don’t believe that is the way it should be. I see the role as being the final overall vote of all the people within District 1, and that representative will vote in accordance with the desires of the people that are concerned about the issue at hand. Very simply if you don’t care one way or the other about any particular issue, you don’t have to contact the representative. But if you have a viewpoint – and I am elected; I highly encourage you to let me know what that viewpoint is. Otherwise I will vote in accordance with three factors:


1. The majority of concerned people within District 1. (The people who let me know how they feel.)
2. What makes sense for the community from the perspective of the Districts immediately affected by the issue itself.

3. What makes sense for the CITY as a whole.

So, with those three points of view it comes down to “Service”. The service I will provide works in the same tiered level:

1. District 1 Issues, where I will ask District 3 and 4 Council members for assistance.
2. District 3 and 4 Issues – where I will provide the Council members with District 1 perspectives.
3. District 2 Issues – where I will work with the other Council members and their perspectives.


The final aspect of “Service”; is my experience. As a teen-ager, I was an Alter Boy in my Father’s Church (St. Luke’s in Rhode Island – my father was the Rector). I provided a service to the congregation. Transitioning from a teen-ager to my late twenties, I served in the U.S. Navy; where I served the people of this nation to the best of my ability – The Cold War (the one where minimal lives were lost). After the service I worked as an electronics technician in a Customer Service Department. I later became the Supervisor of that department, and those were the days before the internet. We as a department worked to be of service to our company’s customers at NO CHARGE. The only money ever expected was when they returned our products for Calibration or repair that was beyond their ability to accomplish. Following on after my time in Customer Service, I worked as an Applications Engineer, where I would assist customers in the utilization of the company’s equipment to address their specific needs. Again, a SERVICE at no charge; the only compensation was when additional options were required to meet the task at hand.


Half my life has been spent in roles of providing service. I can do the job, and now I have the time to dedicate to the City that I have lived in for the latter part of my life. The City that has been fairly good to me, although somewhat constrained by the former method of government where “South Poway was felt to be under-represented”. Now that, that form of government has changed from “At Large” to “District” – I truly feel I can be of service again.


Let me know your issues and your thoughts. Email me at