Hopes and Dreams

Here are some of the first questions I’m usually asked:

  • What is your agenda?
  • What is your platform?
  • What are you going to fix?

Once past those, it’s usually:

  • How can I help?
  • How can I donate to your campaign?

Let’s start in reverse order:

You can help by spreading the word to your friends. Share this and the others that will follow with them. No widespread distributions please, keep it to the people you know, and only if they express an interest in our City. Your neighbors certainly, especially if you find them talking about the issues in Poway. Please provide it to them.

Campaign Donations

The City of Poway allows up to $200 TOTAL before I have to complete a bunch more paperwork. When it goes over $200, I have to have a campaign “organization”, a bank account, a Campaign Manager. I want NONE OF THAT, and since I have already come close to the $200 – no donations please at this point. (PS the ~$200 has been spent on paper and ink jet cartridges for my printer.) Now granted this might change between now and the end of October – but for now let’s keep this “grass-roots” and neighborly.


If you read my introduction you already know that; I have no “Agenda” and I have “no baggage”. I am not biased by any of my own personal desires. I don’t have any committee or work group influence (or bias). While I have crashed a meeting or two in my time here in Poway – I found them to be productive and focused, and not needing my assistance. I am running to be the City Council Representative for the residents of District 1. I will work with ALL the Representatives to bring your desires for our city to fruition.

That being said, I do have a focus for the first half of my term. I hope to; by example, get District Representation up and running. So it will be ready for the full implementation when the election of 2020 takes place. Districts 2 and 4 will have their representatives elected in that election. Every citizen of Poway will have their “Go-to Person”, who will vote with their needs in mind.

So how am I going to do this?

Currently the largest and immediate issues in town lie along Poway Road. I want to address the long standing feeling that “Those North Poway people don’t care about South Poway”. District representation can address that. Districts 1, 3 and 4 share Poway Road – it’s a boundary road of the electorate. Prior to my 22 years in District 1, I was a resident of District 4 at the east end (10 years), and west end (6 years) – I can help the District 3 (east end) and hopefully the “At Large” District 4 (west end) winners, work towards cross-road cooperation in the implementation of the Poway Road Specific Plan. Each of us working in the best interests of our neighbors within our respective districts, we can work towards a better Poway Road. Simultaneously, the District 3 winner and I will work on the LMD issues of Twin Peaks and Community.

Well there you have it. My initial hopes and plans, I’m sure others will come along once I hear from you. I hope that this will appeal to you sufficiently and inspire you to get in touch with me and then vote for me on Nov. 6th.



Peter J. Neild


12648 Butterwood Court – Palisades – Ground zero for the Christmas time “Candy Cane Lanes”.

Getting Along

In my last article “Hopes and Dreams”, I said I would work with ALL the Representatives of ALL the Districts, but specifically 3 and 4. This brings up the question:

How do you know you will get along with them?

I served in the US Navy for 9 years. Three of those years were spent submerged in Submarines. I was not permanent “ship’s company”. I was a “rider”. I was on board the boat (both Diesel and Nuclear) for 3 or more months at a time. Ship’s company didn’t much care for me, because when I came on-board it usually meant they were going to be going on an extended deployment; away from their family and friends – off the face of the earth entirely. I represented real bad news. Not only that, but I was going to sleep in one of their beds, eat their food, and breath their air. I was a necessary evil.

I walked into that environment and thrived. I made good friends with whom I have stayed in contact with over the years. Later in life several of them were even room-mates of mine, when we were not forced to be (known to sub sailors in the extreme as Hot-racking).

But more importantly – every mission we went on was successful. We worked as a team, some of the best teams I have ever worked on, because our lives depended on it. When confronted with “issues” that seemed at face value to be HUGE; we worked through them and created memories that have lasted a lifetime. I’m pretty sure with that back-ground; I can do the same for Poway.