Calypso has become a major attraction as I “tour” the streets of District 1 in my campaign to learn what my neighbors want in the form of their government. My dream car, Calypso is a 2014 C7 Corvette; that I ordered to my specifications, after 50 years of “someday” dreaming. From my first ride in a Corvette at the age of 14, I have always dreamed of owning a new Corvette. But it was an un-spoken dream, because life had higher priorities along the way. Finding a nice place to live, and raising my family in a comfortable life-style pushed my dream of a new Corvette into the background. But now, living in Poway, with my children providing me grand-children – it was time. And I’m so glad that she is here to help me in my run for City Council, and my hope of paying back to the people of Poway, what this city has given me.

Here is a good video that encompasses my first four years with Calypso. The video starts with Calypso being built, followed by my trip back across country on Route 66 after visiting my Mom in Richmond Va. Then once back in Poway, some pictures of my drives around San Diego County, and then some track time. The video ends with a couple of “show” pictures where Calypso has won a couple of awards. I also hope you enjoy “Follow the Sun” (Credit to Parov Stelar ft. Graham Candy – The Sun) in the video:


And Yes I do “Track” Calypso.  Here is my best lap at Spring Mountain Motor Sports Park.