UPDATE: Nov 7th, 2018.  I lost my bid to become your representative.  Sorry, but I can’t follow through in an “official” capacity; but know that everything here still stands, and I hope to represent you well in my efforts to make Poway the best it can be.

IF this is your first visit to my page, what follows is my introduction, before this now past Election Day 2018:

Hi, I’m Pete Neild and I would love to have your vote. I am running for District 1 City Council here in Poway. Please know that it is ONLY an introduction and hopefully the start of a dialog addressing what is important to you in the City of Poway. I want to be YOUR councilman = your vote.

Did you know that this is the first election for the new “Districts” here in Poway? We are in a period of transition from the old “At Large” system to the new “District” system. In this election the residents of District 1 and 3 will be voting for their “representative”, the others will follow. I strongly believe in this new system.

I have lived in Poway, since 1980. My wife and I moved here just before Poway became a “city in the country”. I have lived in two areas of District 4, both the West and East ends. Since, 1996 I have lived in the practical middle of District 1. All three of my children grew up here, attended schools in the Poway Unified School District, played in youth sports and held their first jobs. I sincerely enjoy living in Poway, it has been a great place to live and raise a family. I feel somewhat indebted to the city and I would like to; as I did with my military service, payback some of the debt to the city of Poway. Yes indeed, I could volunteer for different committees or action groups, but those satisfy individual needs. I’m not running for my individual needs, I’m running as the representative of District 1. Casting a vote as a member of the City Council will address the needs of all the people within the city; mine will be from a District 1 perspective, as long as I hear from my District 1 neighbors – so let’s open that dialog, email me .

The next thing you should know is my “Platform”, what I am running for. Well personally, I have no agenda other than becoming your representative on the City Council. I have been asked, “What is your platform”; and I glibly answer, “I have no agenda – no baggage”; and for the most part that is true. Yes, there are issues in Poway that I could get wrapped up in. But that is not the point of a City Council person. A City Council person should listen to the people and vote on the issues in accordance with what is best for each individual neighborhood, with consideration for the surrounding neighborhoods. With most of the issues surrounding Poway Road; I have lived on the south side (District 4) and now I have the chance to represent part of the north side (District 1). Recently I talked about the new District Map with our City Clerk. I pointed out to her this was exactly what was needed, and that they did a fairly good job. But then I focused her attention to each of the districts saying that they needed to be more refined. I pointed out that the Application “Nextdoor” had further broken down District 1 into 15 different neighborhoods (some split by the District 1 boundaries). I said, “Each of these neighborhoods need their interests addressed.” She looked at me and we smiled. She said, “Yes.” And I started to nod my head, “Yeah; that will be my job, huh.” We then went on to complete my application process, and I started to focus on reaching the people. I’m not a politician and I don’t like how politicians approach elections – signs and smiles and fluff. I’m a scientist, and from that perspective; I need to know what is important to you.

SO, people of District 1, and those of you who can get District 1 voters out to vote, something here should have caught your interest. Send me an email, ask me your questions, let’s open a dialog. If you want to meet me in person, or perhaps you are a member of a neighborhood watch or some other group, and would like to have me speak, send me an email, yet again I’m sure we can set something up before Election Day.


Peter J. Neild